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WEDA10 Dynapac Water Pump Parts

Part # Name / Description Price Qty
4700160016 4700160016 Dynapac O-RING 36.2X3A $5.86
470W209902 470W209902 Dynapac Screw-Th Embas,M4X8 Zing $2.97
4700W51163 4700W51163 Dynapac Washer-M6 Din125A Inox A $2.97
4700W51164 4700W51164 Dynapac Washer-M6 Inox A2 N25-51 $2.97
4700W65112 4700W65112 Dynapac O-Ring-109,5X3 Nitrile 7 $2.76
4700W65431 4700W65431 Dynapac Rivet-3,2X9,5Td46Ss Bn33 $4.07
4700W84207 4700W84207 Dynapac Nut-6 Pans 0,8D M6 Inox $2.76
4700W84209 4700W84209 Dynapac Nut-M8 Inox A2 Din934 $2.97
470W209900 470W209900 Dynapac Clamp- $4.96
470W214197 470W214197 Dynapac Grease Nipple- $2.97
470W214198 470W214198 Dynapac V-Ring- $2.97
470W209203 470W209203 Dynapac Lubrication Plate- $7.82
4700W51573 4700W51573 Dynapac Circlip-Int42X1,75 Din98 $5.68
470W214825 470W214825 Dynapac Washer- $4.40
470W214186 470W214186 Dynapac Discharge Gasket- $4.07
470W214828 470W214828 Dynapac Blind Plug- $5.68
470W214841 470W214841 Dynapac Capacitor Holder- $6.77
470W214622 470W214622 Dynapac Teflon Washer- $2.97
4700W69609 4700W69609 Dynapac Stud Bolt- $4.73
4700891373 4700891373 Dynapac O Ring 00500251 $2.97
470W214833 470W214833 Dynapac Washer- $5.44
470W214194 470W214194 Dynapac Trimming Spacer- $7.38
4700W61007 4700W61007 Dynapac Ball Bearing-A Bille 620 $16.87
470W214111 470W214111 Dynapac Stud Bolt- $11.36
470W214835 470W214835 Dynapac Wiring Diagram-Y 380-500 $11.36
470W214829 470W214829 Dynapac Rubber Gasket- $10.27
470W214196 470W214196 Dynapac Distance Sleeve- $9.34
470W743583 470W743583 Dynapac Data Plate- $20.30
470W214839 470W214839 Dynapac Cable Sleeve- $17.73
470W214838 470W214838 Dynapac Cable Sleeve- $19.38
470W213175 470W213175 Dynapac Strainer- $29.60
470W214187 470W214187 Dynapac Rubber Plug- $8.00
470W214394 470W214394 Dynapac Cable Sleeve- $24.68
470W214826 470W214826 Dynapac Cable Sleeve- $30.74
470W214800 470W214800 Dynapac Floor Level Band Rl2000/ $72.29
470W214251 470W214251 Dynapac Discharge 2" For Hose Ki $76.71
470W740194 470W740194 Dynapac Capacitor Cpl- $221.70
470W213843 470W213843 Dynapac Float Holder Clamp- $50.49
470W214280 470W214280 Dynapac Discharge 2" Bsp Thread $103.40
470W214489 470W214489 Dynapac 2" Discharge/Npt Thread $103.40
470W212782 470W212782 Dynapac Bearing Bracket Lower- $86.83
470W214846 470W214846 Dynapac Electrical Cable- $146.83
470W213189 470W213189 Dynapac Wear Plate-Weda10 $91.43
470W214845 470W214845 Dynapac El Cable 3X2,5 L=15M- $162.35
470W214785 470W214785 Dynapac Seal Without Sleeve- $405.87
470W214830 470W214830 Dynapac Capacitor Complete- $187.56
470W209923 470W209923 Dynapac Contactor 220V Cpl- $252.55
470W213358 470W213358 Dynapac Impeller 60 Hz- $302.59
470W209922 470W209922 Dynapac Contactor 110V Cpl- $177.71
470W213328 470W213328 Dynapac Impeller-50Hz $204.68
470W214193 470W214193 Dynapac Wearing Sleeve- $225.80
470W211102 470W211102 Dynapac Outer Casing- $212.05
470W743582 470W743582 Dynapac Strainer Stainless Rl201 $162.86
470W743441 470W743441 Dynapac Contactor 400V Cpl- $247.45
470W214847 470W214847 Dynapac Electrical Cable-4X1,5 L $245.53
470W209150 470W209150 Dynapac Cont,Comp,380V/220V 50Hz $248.37
470W214842 470W214842 Dynapac Level Switch Kit- $642.67
470W213323 470W213323 Dynapac Diffusor-Weda10 $163.98
470W212831 470W212831 Dynapac Inner Casing- $155.81
470W724064 470W724064 Dynapac Contactor High Cover- $274.94
470W212849 470W212849 Dynapac Contactor Cover- $294.64
470W214786 470W214786 Dynapac Seal With Sleeve- $416.43
470W730077 470W730077 Dynapac Rotor + Shaft- $240.32
470W740387 470W740387 Dynapac Stator 220-240V-1-50Hz- $240.32
470W740384 470W740384 Dynapac Stat,220-240V/380-415V 5 $249.10