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K-201-H Kor-It Core Drill Parts

Part # Name / Description Price Qty
1218 1218 Kor-It Leveling Screws (set of 4) $9,999.00
1231 1231 Kor-It Main shaft bearings, with collar, set of 2 $9,999.00
K-100-HH K-100-HH Kor-It High Torque Hydraulic Motor $9,999.00
K-100-HL K-100-HL Kor-It Low Torque Hydraulic Motor $9,999.00
K-201-M3 K-201-M3 Kor-It Column Assembly (2 7/8? Square, 42? long) Short $9,999.00
K-201-M3A K-201-M3A Kor-It Column Assembly (2 7/8? Square, 60? long) Standard $9,999.00
K-201-M3B K-201-M3B Kor-It Column Assembly (2 7/8? Square, 72? long) Long $9,999.00
K-201-M4 K-201-M4 Kor-It Carriage Assembly, K-201ONLY, Bushing Carriage $9,999.00
K201-02-00 K201-02-00 Kor-It Base Assy, K-201 $9,999.00
K201-07-00 K201-07-00 Kor-It Holding Dogs (set of 2) $9,999.00
K201-M4-00 K201-M4-00 Kor-It Carriage Shell Casting $9,999.00
K201-M4-01 K201-M4-01 Kor-It Rear Bushing Plates (Set of 2) $9,999.00
K201-M4-02 K201-M4-02 Kor-It Side Bushing Plates (Set of 2) $9,999.00
K201-M4-03 K201-M4-03 Kor-It Front Bushing Plate $9,999.00
K208A-.5CD K208A-.5CD Kor-It Pipe Fitting $9,999.00
K208A-00-00 K208A-00-00 Kor-It Roller Carriage Assembly w/ Auto Feed System installed $9,999.00
K208A-01-00 K208A-01-00 Kor-It Carriage Shell $9,999.00
K208A-02-00 K208A-02-00 Kor-It Gear Box Front Plate $9,999.00
K208A-03-00 K208A-03-00 Kor-It Gear Box Rear Plate $9,999.00
K208A-05-00 K208A-05-00 Kor-It Hydraulic Motor Spacer - Brass $9,999.00
K208A-08-00 K208A-08-00 Kor-It Auto Feed Shaft (upper shaft) $9,999.00
K208A-08.1 K208A-08.1 Kor-It Upper Shaft Key $9,999.00
K208A-09-00 K208A-09-00 Kor-It Auto Feed Shaft (lower shaft) $9,999.00
K208A-11-00 K208A-11-00 Kor-It Spur Gear Shaft $9,999.00
K208A-12-00 K208A-12-00 Kor-It Idler Shaft $9,999.00
K208A-12CTX K208A-12CTX Kor-It Pipe Fitting $9,999.00
K208A-14-00 K208A-14-00 Kor-It Gear Box Stand Off (.75 OD) $9,999.00
K208A-15-00 K208A-15-00 Kor-It Gear Box Stand Off (1.0 OD) $9,999.00
K208A-16-00 K208A-16-00 Kor-It Safety Guard - Main $9,999.00
K208A-17-00 K208A-17-00 Kor-It Safety Guard - Top $9,999.00
K208A-18-00 K208A-18-00 Kor-It Safety Guard - Front $9,999.00
K208A-20132 K208A-20132 Kor-It S20132 Gear $9,999.00
K208A-2015 K208A-2015 Kor-It S2015 Gear $9,999.00
K208A-2025 K208A-2025 Kor-It S2025 Gear $9,999.00
K208A-2040 K208A-2040 Kor-It S2040 Gear $9,999.00
K208A-2040NS K208A-2040NS Kor-It S2040 No Shoulder Gear $9,999.00
K208A-2050 K208A-2050 Kor-It S2050 Gear $9,999.00
K208A-2090 K208A-2090 Kor-It S2090 Gear $9,999.00
K208A-21-00 K208A-21-00 Kor-It Directional Control Mounting Plate $9,999.00
K208A-23-00 K208A-23-00 Kor-It Pressure and Return Hard Line Set $9,999.00
K208A-255FFPN K208A-255FFPN Kor-It Pipe Fitting $9,999.00
K208A-2JIC6-25 K208A-2JIC6-25 Kor-It Hydraulic Hose $9,999.00
K208A-2JIC6-28 K208A-2JIC6-28 Kor-It Hydraulic Hose $9,999.00
K208A-68CTX K208A-68CTX Kor-It Pipe Fitting $9,999.00
K208A-6FTX K208A-6FTX Kor-It Pipe Fitting $9,999.00
K208A-6VSOX K208A-6VSOX Kor-It Pipe Fitting $9,999.00
K208A-75FFPN K208A-75FFPN Kor-It Pipe Fitting $9,999.00
K208A-75MRO K208A-75MRO Kor-It Pipe Fitting $9,999.00
K208A-812CBU K208A-812CBU Kor-It Pipe Fitting $9,999.00
K208A-812FBU K208A-812FBU Kor-It Pipe Fitting $9,999.00
K208A-812FTX K208A-812FTX Kor-It Pipe Fitting $9,999.00
K208A-E129 K208A-E129 Kor-It Hydraulic Motor $9,999.00
K208A-F400S K208A-F400S Kor-It Feed Speed Regulator Valve $9,999.00
K208A-FC51 K208A-FC51 Kor-It Hydraulic Flow Control $9,999.00
K208R-00-00 K208R-00-00 Kor-It Roller Carriage Assembly $9,999.00
K208R-02-00 K208R-02-00 Kor-It Motor Mount Plate Set $9,999.00
K208R-04-00 K208R-04-00 Kor-It Carriage Doubler Plate (Set of 2) $9,999.00
K208R-05-00 K208R-05-00 Kor-It Side Roller Assembly $9,999.00
K208R-07-00 K208R-07-00 Kor-It Pinion Gear Shaft $9,999.00
K208R-10-00 K208R-10-00 Kor-It Cross Handle Extension $9,999.00
K208R-11-00 K208R-11-00 Kor-It Cross Handles (4 ea) $9,999.00
K208R-12-00 K208R-12-00 Kor-It Pinion Gear $9,999.00
K208R-14-00 K208R-14-00 Kor-It Pinion Shaft Bushing - Set $9,999.00
K208R-16-00 K208R-16-00 Kor-It Front Roller Assembly- 3-inch $9,999.00
K208R-19-00 K208R-19-00 Kor-It Rear Adjustable Roller Bearing $9,999.00
K208R-22-00 K208R-22-00 Kor-It Front Roller Bolt $9,999.00
KPDH-1219 KPDH-1219 Kor-It O-Rings $9,999.00
KPDH-123M KPDH-123M Kor-It Water Valve Assy $9,999.00
KPDH-B27.1 KPDH-B27.1 Kor-It Retaining Ring $9,999.00
KPDH-FCR51 KPDH-FCR51 Kor-It Flow Control $9,999.00
KPDH118-01 KPDH118-01 Kor-It Top Plate $9,999.00
KPDH118-02 KPDH118-02 Kor-It Bottom Plate $9,999.00
KPDH118-03 KPDH118-03 Kor-It Bottom Bearing Plate $9,999.00
KPDH118-04 KPDH118-04 Kor-It Middle Bearing Plate $9,999.00
KPDH118-05 KPDH118-05 Kor-It Left Side Plate $9,999.00
KPDH118-06 KPDH118-06 Kor-It Right Side Plate $9,999.00
KPDH118-07 KPDH118-07 Kor-It Front Cover $9,999.00
KPDH118-08 KPDH118-08 Kor-It Back Plate $9,999.00
KPDH118-09 KPDH118-09 Kor-It Motor Mount $9,999.00
KPDH118-10 KPDH118-10 Kor-It Water Swivel Brass Jacket $9,999.00
KPDH118-11 KPDH118-11 Kor-It Drive Shaft $9,999.00
KPDH118-12 KPDH118-12 Kor-It Motor Adapter $9,999.00
KPDH118-13 KPDH118-13 Kor-It Flow Control Spacers $9,999.00
KPDH118-15 KPDH118-15 Kor-It Pressure and Return Hard Line Set $9,999.00
KPDH118M KPDH118M Kor-It Hydraulic Pillow Block Assembly $9,999.00
KPDH218-12 KPDH218-12 Kor-It Motor Adapter $9,999.00
KPDH218-13 KPDH218-13 Kor-It Flow Control Spacer $9,999.00
KPDH218-13A KPDH218-13A Kor-It Directional Control Spacer $9,999.00
KPDH218-15 KPDH218-15 Kor-It Pressure and Return Hard Line Set $9,999.00